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All of the cemeteries will eventually contain notes from vital records and family records. You may submit your information by emailing the information with the link at the bottom of this page. Thanks to each of you who have taken the time to send notations for your families or corrections, especially Dennis & Donna who have sent numerous notations.

Click the link to view ~ Status of Cemetery Transcription & Photographing Project

Tombstone photos are available for: Jackman Cemetery, Madison Twp. Cemetery, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Highlandtown Cemetery, Georgetown Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Christler Private Cemetery, Frankfort Springs Cemetery, Kings Creek Cemetery, Tomlinson Run Cemetery and Hookstown Cemetery courtesy of Cookie Sisco. Every effort will be made to obtain other requests as weather permits. Request tombstone photos.

Aaskanui-Alley Allison-Alvis Amato-Aquista Arb-Aznavorian
Babb-Barish Barker-Baxter Bayer-Besel Bess-Blythe
Boag-Boxwell Boyce-Bronson Brookens-Buchholz Buchman-Bzzeraki
Cabell-Canning Cannon-Cattrell Caudle-Church Cianni-Clyde
Coakley-Connelly Conner-Cox Coy-Crosswhite Crothers-Czech
Dabill_Davis Davison-Deyarmon Dhayer-Doughty Douglas-Dzioba
Eaby-Elliott Ellis-Eynon Fabbro-Fettes Fetty-Fitzsimmons
Flaherty-Frame Frampton-Fynn Gabbert-Gerace Gerain-Goetz
Goff-Greco Green-Gyerosvisik Haag-Hanlon Hanna-Hayden
Hayes-Heydon Hibbets-Hogan Hoge-Howell Howes-Hysell
Iacono-Iwanusa Jablonski-Johnson Johnston-Juszczak Kabasta_Kidd
Kidder_Kyllonen Labi_Law Lawrence-Leyndecker Liberato-Loscairo
Losh-Lytton Maas-Maple Marano-Matter Mattern-Meyers
McAbee-McCormick McCort-McGaffick McGahan-McKenzie McKeone-McWilliams
Miceli-Minto Miraglata-Moore Moorman-Mossburg Mosser-Myler
Nagel-Nye Oakes-Oyster Paar-Peller Pelley-Pitts
Plance-Powell Powers-Pytash Quail-Quinn Rabbit-Redick
Redman-Rhuark Ribblet-Roberson Roberts-Rose Roseberry-Rynull
Sabbato-Scibilia Scott-Shenkle Shenton-Slowikowski Small-Smith
Smithers-Squires St. Clair-Stevenson Steward-Stoy Strabley-Szymanski
Tabor-Thomas Thompson-Toland Tolbert-Tyson Ubic-Utt
Vadjinia-Vunk Waddingham-Wathey Watkin-Welch Weldon-Whyte
Wiant-Willshaw Willson-Wolf Wolfcomer-Wyse Yager-Zwick

Other Cemeteries
Updated 11/12
Persons buried from the local area, but in cemeteries outside those in the database.

Interments in Unknown Cemeteries
Updated 11/12
Persons who died in the local area, but cemeteries are not listed on the death records.
If your ancestor is listed here and you know where they were laid to rest, please let us know.

This cemetery database is possible thanks to an Ohio woman and her family who have made these entries over many years time and allowed us to put them here in one place. They have requested to remain nameless, and that request has been honored.

Several sources were used to create this database, including vital records from the court house and health dept., obituaries, funeral home records, information from some cemetery offices and tombstones. The entries are not above error, as documents are only as accurate as the person giving information remembered it.

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