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In September of 1996, I became a volunteer with the USGenWeb Project. For a long period of time I was the County Co-Ordinator for many WV counties. In 2004 I relinquished the counties of Brooke, Hancock and Ritchie in order to be able to fulfill my obligation as President of a local organization. During the years that I worked with WVGenWeb, I spent many hours at the courthouse, at the libraries, at the local cemeteries and reading microfilm in order to be able to upload information onto the county websites that would be useful to those who could not visit the area in person to do their research.

In 2005, it became apparent that the charter members of our organization were not in favor of moving forward and embracing technology. When it became a struggle to keep disgruntled persons in opposite sides of the room during meetings, I decided to resign. Several of those who were pro-technology followed suit. It only stood to reason that the projects we had in the works or on the drawing board would continue on to completion. You will find many of those projects on this web site with more to be added.

Many of the things you will find among the files at Genealogy Pit Stop are things that I compiled while a volunteer at WVGenWeb. Other things you will find are projects that were completed between 2005 and present. Cookie, Ginny and I spent many hours in the cemeteries trying to get accurate digital records. The cemetery database that is located at Genealogy Pit Stop is also housed at Carnegie Library in East Liverpool, Ohio. The only difference is that ours is updated. The one at the library stopped when it was combined and the wonderful woman who compiled the original files has passed away just recently.

There are many volunteers behind these pages. Many hours go into the research or the gathering of data to share on these pages. Although between us we own enough books to stock a library, we have chosen to offer lookups from those resources and use our time gathering information to be freely shared as opposed to spending hours staffing a library.

Over the next few weeks you will see some construction as we find ways that will better get the information organized here and added to some appropriate places. Thanks for your continued support and understanding.

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